The Waldorf Zarenbourg Electric Piano


2010 NAMM Show: Waldorf is showing the Zarenbourg electric piano styled keyboard instrument.

According to Waldorf, the Zarenbourg is for “keyboardists who want to spank the plank”.

We’re thinking that something may be lost may be lost in translation on that – but if do happen to be a plank-spanking keyboardist – this thing is it.


The Waldorf Zarenbourg offers realistic emulations of five classic electric pianos, including effects. It features 76 real wood keys, as well as a high-end speaker system.

Zarenbourg Orange PhotoNothing that came before rivals its look, touch and feel. Its clearly arrayed, easily understood control panel sports classic knobs and indicator selector switches. And the top of its housing offers plenty of room for a full-grown synthesizer. A real player’s instrument, indeed.

An instrument that delivers to-die-for authenticity, Zarenbourg is a love-at-first-try proposition. And you can personalize this object of your affection by ordering the upper body panel in a color that strikes your fancy**.

Zarenbourg Union Jack PhotoAn External In accepts the input of stereo signals for Zarenbourg’s internal speaker system. Ideal to connect a notebook to the Zarenbourg to create a tiny home studio, which even looks great in a living room.

This high-end EMES studio monitor system with two broadband loudspeakers and a subwoofer is tuned specifically to the Zarenbourg — no compromises made.

General Features

  • keyboard with 76 keys and hammer action, wood keyboard optionally
  • upper body panel available in different color variants**
  • Advanced Physical Modeling, optimized to reproduce electro-mechanical tone generation systems authentically
  • 5 classic E-Piano simulations:
    • 2 E-Pianos with tone forks
    • 1 E-Piano with tone reeds
    • 1 E-Piano with strings
    • 1 E-Clavichord
    • 2 user-defined E-Pianos, editable through software*** delivered with the Zarenbourg
  • nearly fully polyphonic (actual number of voices depends on the used model)
  • tremolo mono / stereo switchable, Intensity and Speed controllable
  • integrated effects, modeled after classic effect boxes, controllable Intensity and Speed or T
  • Tone (Overdrive only):
    • Chorus
    • Flanger
    • Phaser
    • Autowah
    • Echo
    • Overdrive
  • stereo input with adjustable input gain
  • stereo output
  • MIDI In / Out / Thru
  • USB 2.0
  • Powerful 2.1 loudspeaker system by EMES consisting of two broadband loudspeakers and a
  • subwoofer
  • four chrome legs
  • software for managing and editing the E-Piano models

Note: This Waldorp Zarenbourg info is preliminary.

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  1. how much does it weigh?? big question for most of us. i did my knee in with rhodes mk1. use a nord stage compact now in a soft case with a RI fender 59 bassman

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