Turn Your iPhone Into A FunkBox For $1.99

Synthetic Bits has introduced FunkBox, a $1.99 app that turns your iPhone/iPod touch into a vintage drum machine. Virtually.


Based on classic beatboxes from the 70s and 80s, FunkBox lets you push, tap, mix, and groove your way to some seriously funky beats. Designed to look, feel, and sound like a classic beatbox, FunkBox uses original audio samples taken from vintage drum machines.

FunkBox lets you:

  • Push to play the preset patterns, if you just want to listen and play around.
  • Slide to adjust tempo, if you want things to move a little slower or faster.
  • Choose some dirty funky sounds from a collection of our favorite classic drum boxes.
  • Tap to play sounds along in real time and add your own fills to the patterns.
  • Tweak and mute the volumes for each part to get the mix you’re hearing in your head.
  • Edit the patterns themselves using an easy x0x style drum programming grid.

via Oliver Chesler

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