Numark Updates Vinyl DJ Packages With iPod Support


NAMM: Numark announced that it has updated its DJ IN A BOX and BATTLEPACK DJ packages for 2010 with iPod features.

Each DJ package contains two turntables, a two-channel mixer with iPod dock, headphones, slipmats and connection cables.

“DJ IN A BOX and iBATTLEPACK have been getting DJs started for years,” said Chris Roman, Product Development Manager, Numark. “With the integration of the iPod into the mixer, these new models are sure to be big hits.”


Both models include iM1, the first DJ mixer that enables users to record their mix directly to their iPod or iPhone. The two-channel mixer also has a complete complement of standard features including switchable phono/line-level inputs, durable faders, crossfader and mini-crossfader for cueing. It also enables the DJ to play a track from their iPod on channel two. DJ IN A BOX and iBATTLEPACK also each contain HF125 headphones with dual earcups for great isolation and high quality sound for cueing.

iBATTLEPACK contains a pair of TT1625 direct-drive turntables, while DJ IN A BOX starts DJs off with a pair of belt-drive TT1610s. Both turntables feature ±10% pitch, dual start/stop buttons and include a cartridge, counterweight and slipmat.

DJ IN A BOX and iBATTLEPACK will be available from DJ and professional audio retailers Q2 2010.

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