Slate Digital Trigger Drum Replacement Preview

This is a demo of Slate Digital’s Trigger – a drum replacer. It lets you take mediocre recorded drum tracks and automatically recreate them with sampled drums.

Availability and pricing are TBA.


Trigger has a multi-layered triggering engine. This means in one instance of the plugin, you can trigger a close mic’d sample, a stereo overhead sample, and a stereo room mic sample, from a single drum track. This allows the user to recreate the sound of natural drums with real multitracked samples.

Each sample layer has parameters for customization such as velocity and dynamic control, sustain, and independent levels. Other features include positional sensing, automation for all parameters, MIDI in/out, visual hit detector, and 127 different articulations per sample layer.

Trigger comes with two modes, LIVE and ACCURATE.

  • LIVE mode is geared for live on-stage triggering and has a no-latency engine.
  • ACCURATE mode is the professional studio setting, which enables TRIGGER’s advanced engine to replicate the original drum track with the most precise detail and natural velocity response.

Trigger comes stock with a library of the industry standard STEVEN SLATE DRUMS drum samples. Elite mixers such as Chris Lord Alge, Mike Shipley, Dave Way, Jeff Juliano, Jay Baumgardner, Ben Grosse, David Kahn, and many more top names have relied on STEVEN SLATE DRUMS to help enhance the drum sounds in their mixes for years. All the samples in STEVEN SLATE DRUMS are recorded to 2 inch tape and processed with the finest in vintage and modern analog gear. STEVEN SLATE DRUMS include three sample layers including stereo room mic samples from  NRG RECORDING in North Hollywood, California.

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