Synth Pioneers Bring Moog Innovations to Life On January 23

Dr Herb Deutsch

On January 23rd at 7 p.m., the Museum of Making Music will present an evening of music and conversation in a special multi-media performance combining live music, discussion, and video presentation by two renown American electronic music pioneers, composers, and synthesists Dr. Herb Deutsch (Hofstra University) and Dr. John Eaton (University of Chicago).

The program starts with music and conversation by Dr. Deutsch, whose serendipitous encounter and collaboration with Dr. Moog in 1964 launched the development of the Moog synthesizer and impacted the future of electronic and rock music in the U.S.

Then, the evening will continue with a video-presentation and demonstration by Dr. John Eaton, MacArthur Fellow and recognized composer and performer of electronic and microtonal music. Dr. Eaton will demonstrate the Eaton-Moog Multi-Touch Sensitive (MTS) keyboard on which each key is equipped with sensors that detect the three-dimensional position of the performer’s finger.

One of the most involved projects completed by Dr. Moog over a 10-year period, The only working MTS keyboard in the world will be heard live as Dr. Eaton explains and plays it during the evening. Discover the birth of these ground-breaking synthesizers with Drs. Deutsch and Eaton.

Tickets are $10, $7 for Museum members and students.

If any readers can make this show, leave a comment with any videos, photos, blog posts, etc!

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