Free Guitar Amp Simulator For Mac, Windows


Free Music Software: Overloud Slego is designed to let guitar players “rock out” with the guitar amp effect simulator engine of Overloud’s flagship product TH1, for free.


  • Very easy to play: just connect your guitar to the computer, select a preset and play
  • Seven knobs on top of the interface allow to adjust the tone of your slego
  • Input and Output level knobs have peak indicators
  • Accurate Tuner to simplify guitar tuning even while playing
  • 32 presets coming from TH1 with rich effect setups
    Presets have crossfading transitions, which do not cause unpleasant clicks or drop outs

Slego is a free standalone application for Mac OS X 10.4 or higher and Windows XP or higher.

25 thoughts on “Free Guitar Amp Simulator For Mac, Windows

  1. I really hate sites like this. Broken link to the product PLUS when you find the actual site, the product isn't free at all. STOP WASTING PEOPLE'S TIME!!!!!!!

  2. phil when you said too much latency did you mean that the playback from your speakers was after your guitar playing? i download ASIO but still having same problem anything i need to do in particular? i went to settings in slego and chose ASIO and no playback… i am using a m-audio fasttrack btw… any help please!~

  3. Plug in my guitar and whalla,.. just alot of feedback and me thumblin with the plug connections but to no avail.

  4. Just downloaded this, only been using it for 5 mins so far (not planning on coming back here later just to review), but it's all good so far. It works fine. Better with asio drivers (asio for all). Latency ended up being delay dial setting (default to half?), check before pulling hair out playing with drivers etc as I did lol. No latency, sounds fine for a free program, those who complain should stfu and appreciate a free program that gets the job done, and/or learn some basic computer skills, if you can't get this going you've got no clue whatsoever, shouldn't be allowed near computers, maybe one of those fisher-price ones lol, hate hearing people whinge about this sorta stuff, took someone ages to write this, you're getting it for nothing, ungrateful a$$holes

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