Yamaha CS80

Saturday Synth Porn: This video captures a performance on the Yamaha CS80, using patches flute/ brass 2.

Slight modulation added to VCOs.

Signal chain:

CS80–>Eventide 2016 reverb–>Siemens 295b EQ–>Prism Sound Orpheus

8 thoughts on “Yamaha CS80

  1. Did you know that Harrison Ford sat down at this machine one day and got the idea for Blade Runner?

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  2. Anyone who says the presets on the CS-80 suck,
    has not heard this person play it. Nice !

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  3. Free e-recycling right now! Minimize your carbon footprint and feel good when saving the planet of heavy toxic metals! Simply send your broken CS-80 to our team for proper recycling and earth management…. we pay all shipping.

    Sigh. crap.. nobody is falling for this…..

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