Free Synth Live Pack For Ableton Live

free-ableton-live-synth-packTogeo Studios has the Simple Synth Live Pack Bundle – a bundle of TS products from 2008-2009 cleaned up and repacked as a single Live pack that will install automatically into your Ableton library.

It includes:

  • SST BASS – 500 bass instruments.
  • SST LEADS- 350 Lead instruments
  • SST KEYS – 375 Keys , organs and electric pianos.
  • SST GENS V2 – 1085 Atmospheric pads, drones textures and soundscapes.

The Simple Synths bundle Live pack contains a total of 2269 instrument presets, 480 samples and weighs in at just 247 Mb unpacked. The library includes a large assortment of drums, basses, synths, keys, leads, pads and atmospheric soundscapes.

Note: The Togeo Studios Simple Synths Live Pack requires Ableton Live 7 or higher.

15 thoughts on “Free Synth Live Pack For Ableton Live

  1. Very exciting new sounds. I especially enjoyed the SimPlay arpeggiator effects. (see Instrument rack / Togeo Studios / Simple Synths / SimPlay). One word of advice; it gets LOUD. IMO you really need the Compressor to keep the sound down a bit.

    Other than that; Wonderful collection, must have IMO!

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  2. No, SimpleSynths works on both, in Ableton Live. They are Live ready and install automatically and correctly into the Ableton library.

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