Free Virtual Analog Bass Synthesizer For Windows


Free Windows Music Software: Novaflash has released Micromega – a free virtual analog bass synthesizer for Windows.


  • max poly = 10
  • 1 x VCO saw (low note deflated, high note inflated)
  • 1 x SUB (detune, PW)
  • adjustable harmonic (VCO + SUB)
  • 1 x noise generator
  • 1 x VCF HADSR enveloppe (analog shape, fast)
  • 1 x 24dB VCF, 2 colors (custom + moog)
  • 1 x distortion
  • 1 x VCA enveloppe (analog shape, fast)
  • midi learn
  • mono mode
  • random preset generator


  • Windows 32bits.

via rekkerd

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