Native Instruments Intros Scarbee Vintage Keys


Native Instruments has released Scarbee Vintage Keys – a collection of virtual instruments that recreate classic keyboards.


  • Scarbee A-200 – This Kontakt Instrument reproduces one of the most sought-after electric pianos. The character of the Scarbee A-200 ranges from soft and sweet to a more biting, overdriven sound when played harder. The distinctive sound of the original A-200 was much loved by pop and rock bands in the 1960s and 70s and has recently found favor with a whole new wave of pop, indie and jazz and electronic artists.
  • Scarbee Mark I – The classic sound provided by the Scarbee Mark I ranges from warm and mellow to bright and ‘barking’ and can also produce chiming bell-like tones.
  • Scarbee Clavinet is a meticulously sampled Hohner Clavinet. This distinctive electrophonic keyboard has been used extensively on numerous classic funk, soul, reggae, disco and rock tracks since the late 60s.
  • Scarbee Pianet – a sampled Hohner Model N Pianet – a classic electro-mechanical piano with a vibraphone-like tone due to its “sticky hammers”.

The collection retails for $169.

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