Synth Goddess Alert – Émilie Simon & Her Homemade Music Show

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Take a few minutes to grok this video.

Émilie Simon’s Experimental Homemade Show starts off innocently enough – piano-based singer-songwriter territory, with a bit of Kate Bush influence – and then she cranks up the Tenori On and her steampunk electronic arm thing…and you’ve got no idea what the hell will be coming next.

Simon’s Experimental Homemade Shows are created in her apartment in Brooklyn, NY.

Here’s a teaser for the show:

YouTube Preview Image

See her YouTube channel for more of her home shows and also her official music videos.

via CDM, uh-huh, uh-huh

One thought on “Synth Goddess Alert – Émilie Simon & Her Homemade Music Show

  1. thanks.. now i want to move to new york – but only if the likes of her are residing there and not just passing through as Eno mentioned.

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