Radikal Technologies Accelerator Synthesizer Coming At Musikmesse 2010


Musikmesse 2010: Here’s a Musikmesse teaser that we can get excited about – Jörg Schaaf, creator of the highly awesome Radikal Technologies Spectralis synthesizer has announced that they will be introducing a new keyboard synthesizer, the Radikal Technologies Accelerator Synthesizer, at the show:

Accelerator is coming! During the last three months we spent all our time into a complete new product. We are proud to present our first keyboard synthesizer.

he brand new “Accelerator” combines key features from the Spectralis Hybrid engine and combines them with new developed digital filters. The digital filters can be set to 12dB and 24dB and work in Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass and Notch configurations. The Accelerator sports two of these filters per voice and will have eight voice polyphony in the standard configuration but can be upgraded to even more voices with an additional DSP expansion board.

Each voice has 3 oscillators with our very special time linearity modulation (TLM), Phase modulation, oscillator synchronisation and sweeping waveforms. The oscillators can be mixed independently into the two filters.

The keyboard has 61 weighted keys, aftertouch and of course velocity. The synthesizer has a built in step sequencer for notes and parameter automation. Two built in FX and an Arpeggiator are rounding up our package.

And yes – it’s a real Radikal. So it comes with some LFOs and envelopes more than other synths and to get most out of all the nice features the Accelerator has a modulation matrix. Also the modulation depths are Radikal as usual.

Beside all these key features we are very happy to announce, that our new baby comes with something very special – a motion sensor. The keyboard can control multiple parameters just by movements. If you lit the keyboard up on one side, you can control the oscillator pitch or the filter frequency as an example. It’s a very cool feature for stunning live performances. If you are already interested into our new offering you should spend some time in a body building studio;-)

The Accelerator also has external inputs that are fed into additional stereo filters. Just hook up your Spectralis to the keyboard and control the pattern selection with the masterkeyboard functions of the Accelerator.

The basic configuration of the Accelerator can create two different sounds at a time. The DSP expansion allows for Multimode with up to 8 independent parts and sounds.

At the Musikmesse we will present not just a dummy but a full working beast with a very warm and rhich sound. I am looking forward to see you there.

Visit us at hall 5.1, boothnumber C47. You may wonder about the booth number as it is the same like Moog. EMC, the german distribution for Radikal and Moog does a shared booth.

Pictures will get uploaded at the beginning of the Musikmesse.

Anybody else successfully “teased” by Schaaf’s Radikal Technologies Accelerator Synthesizer?

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