The MFB Urzwerg Analog Step Sequencer


MFB has introduced a new, relatively inexpensive, analog step sequencer, the MFB Urzwerg.

MFB Urzwerg Features:

  • CV/Gate step-sequencer
  • 32 step-controls for direct access
  • two modes with 2 x 16 or 4 x 8 steps
  • 4 x CV/Gate-outputs (5V or 10V)
  • adjustable gate-length
  • continuously variable range between 1-10V
  • MSRP: 380, – Euro

Details below.

MFB Urzwerg Description:

The MFB family is steadily growing. The new step-sequencer URZWERG is a universal control-central for KRAFTZWERG, SCHLAGZWERG as well as for future ZWERG models.

URZWERG offers 32 steps that can either be used in two sequences with 16 steps each or as four sequences with 8 steps each. Accordingly, up to four synthesizers or CV-parameters of a modular system can be addressed simultaneously. When in 4 x 8 mode, URZWERG could control four NANOZWERG units polyphonically. Another example would be independent control over pitch, pulse width, filter-cutoff and LFO-speed on a single KRAFTZWERG. In combination with a modular system, possibilities are finally vast. URZWERG’s Gate- and CV-inputs are compatible to all common modules for the Eurorack-system.

URZWERG was designed for intuitive operation. All functions have designated controls that can be edited while the sequencer is running. Steps can be set and edited live, as well as the sequence direction and the sequence length for each individual row.

URZWERG allows setting of independent gate-lengths, ranges and glides for rows 1/2 and 3/4. Range defines the CV-range for the step-knobs between 1-10V. For pitch control, the range can be quantized to 5V. All four rows feature skip-buttons per step to activate/deactivate gate-triggers for these positions. Alternatively, the skip-buttons can also deactivate the CV-step-control. To add more liveliness, URZWERG also offers two optimized shuffle-modes.

URZWERG provides four Gate- and CV-outputs to control compatible analogue synthesizers and modular systems. Start-I/O and Clock-I/O allow URZWERG to be synchronized to and sync other analogue sequencers. The additional CV-Clock-input allows for dynamic tempo-control, e.g. using an external LFO or a CV-controller.

To be synchronized to MIDI-sequencers, URZWERG can send and receive MIDI-start/stop commands as well as MIDI-clock. Furthermore, URZWERG’s sequences can be transposed, advanced stepwise as well as its steps being directly addressed using a MIDI-keyboard or DAW.

MFB’s URZWERG has the following dimensions: 310 x 165 x 38/72 mm.

External power supply included.

6 thoughts on “The MFB Urzwerg Analog Step Sequencer

    1. If you can handle a soldering iron at all, beyond what you see every 2 output channels would need one 8 pin op-amp, and you would need a 20 or so pin step counter ic. Plus a stable psu (got one of those? Sure you have) and a 558 for timing and the gate, a couple of capacitors to make the 558 oscillate. That’s about it.

  1. Just got mine today, and what a fab but ugly little box it is, very intuitive and easy to get to grips with. Plus amazingly good value for money. Was gonna get the Doepfer A-155 sequencer, but this gives many more features for a bit more money.

    1. Does it have MIDI out? Just curious. Am wondering about it as compared with Doepfer DarkTime and the Analogue Solutions Oberkorn 3. Does anyone have any insight?


  2. I cannot conceive how something so simple as stable psu, a cmos step counter ic and some resistors, a few basic opp amps to lower output impedance and stabilise the circuit (they don’t need to be great, it’s dc) can possibly cost over $500???

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