Create Your Own Virtual Instruments With Maize Sampler v2.0


Have you ever wanted to create your own sample-based VST and Audio Unit virtual instrument?

Maize Sampler 2 is a new cross-platform tool for sound developers that lets you create sample-based virtual instruments.


  • Group selections by key / controller / MIDI channel.
  • Disk-streaming / Memory reading mode.
  • Poly / Mono / Legato voice mode with glide time.
  • LFO, ADSR envelope and reverb effect.
  • Round-robin / Random overlapped sample trigger.
  • Load EXS24 sampler format.
  • Sample loop, Choke cluster, Release trigger.
  • Big sample mapping area and sample table view.
  • Export .mse compact instrument file.
  • Generate VST and Audio Unit plug-ins.
  • User defined UI background skin.
  • XML defined knob, label combobox and keyboard.
  • Serial number copy protection on exported instruments.

Details are available at the MaizeSoft site.

Maize Sampler v2.0 is available now for $89. It’s available as a free limited download & the license unlocks its full feature set.

If you’ve used Maize Sampler 2, leave a comment!

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