MIDI Step Sequencer Made In Pure Data

PureDataSeqFree Music Software: High-Pass Filter has free MIDI Step Sequencer for Pure Data available for download.

It’s locked to playing 16th notes, but the tempo and number of steps can be changed. The pattern can also be transposed. Finally, it comes with a random pattern creation system, for creating that ‘dead batteries in a 303’ style sequence.

The top right window displays the pitches for the steps, selectable between -12 and +12 semitones. The center right window the velocity (where 0 means no note is played). The bottom window shows the currently playing step.

An audio demo is available at the site.

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  1. i’ve had my pure for per week now and i still dont know what to do… like changing the message alert tone to whatever i would like it not just the fundamental ones on the phone… everything about this telephone is complicating.. i also wanted to alter to that android software program because home windows is too gradual and someone please assist me how to do that

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