Electrify iPad Groovebox

iPad Music Software: Ingolf Koch has introduded Electrify (App Store link) – a virtual sample-based Groovebox for your iPad.

It was designed to combine the best features of existing hardware grooveboxes and the ease of use of software application.


  • 8-track sequencer with individual track lengths
  • 2 chainable effect buses with 8 different effects (more to come soon)
  • direct access to the track’s main parameters
  • Easy to use step sequencer
  • 6 parameters editable per step
  • Professional Sample Library comprising more than 600 high quality samples provided by Mutekki Media

Tracks are currently limited to built-in samples, support for user samples is planned for a future release.

Electrify is available now for $14.99.

If you’ve used Electrify, leave a comment with your thoughts!

3 thoughts on “Electrify iPad Groovebox

  1. It’s a lot of fun. Almost feels like Ableton Live when your trigerring loops from the pattern matrix! In built samples are pretty good and the sampler controls let you mess them up nicely. The audio glitches occasionally at the minute and there’s quite a few tweaks that could be made, but as long as the developer proves to be responsive, this is going to be an awesome app and definitely worth the money. It really is a he’ll of a lot of fun (maybe even more than iElectribe!)

  2. I have the same problems. It crashes too much. And exporting samples are not shown in itunes,
    4.3. I hope the dev will correct this. Because it's unaceptable.

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