The Protodeck DIY MIDI Controller For Ableton Live 8


Julien Bayle created the Protodeck – an impressive DIY MIDI controller for Ableton Live 8 + Max For Live.

The Protodeck features:

  • 87 potentiometers
  • 90 buttons
  • 81 rgb leds
  • 2×20 LCD
  • 2 PIC 18F4620 (20MHz RISC processors)
  • fully custom rgb led drivers
  • fully custom firmware
  • 2 MIDI IN/OUT interface
  • power supply unit included in the box

Bayle explains why he built his own custom controller:

I need a big hardware without multifunctional knobs, sub-menu you have to choose to change the function of this button etc etc : I need to have ALL under my eyes and I need that EVERYTIME.

I looked for the perfect controller, but I didn’t find it. only monochrome stuff or 2/3 colors leds, only few pots with a billion of sub-sub-menu to change encoders function etc.

So, I guess … I have to think, read, code, test, build, learn to solder better… to create my OWN hardware.

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