chipPad 1.1 iPad Glitch Synthesizer

iPad Music Software: This is a preview of chipPad 1.1 – a live glitchy multi-touch loop performance sequencer/synthesizer for the Apple iPad.

New in chipPad 1.1:

  • Tracks no longer mute (until the next quantize point) when re-triggered, now they keep on playing and it sounds much more musical
  • There are per-track mute and solo buttons on the Mix page (that are saved with the session so you can start tracks out muted or soloed)
  • Track numbers, mute group numbers, mute/solo status and track audio file name are now optionally displayed on the playing surface
  • Microfades are applied to audio to avoid clicks when musically appropriate. The more you play towards the top of a cell, the more the microfade will occur. Play towards the bottom of a cell to apply less microfade. You can hear this about half-way through the video where I have the bottom-most (from my perspective) track playing and I’m moving my finger up and down the cells.
  • Whenever you quit the app your current configuration will be saved so you won’t lose your work by accident.
  • Various other optimizations and tweaks.

See the EarSmack site for details.

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