Free Windows Synth Recreates The Realistic Moog MG-1 Synthesizer

Reality is an free software synthesizer for Windows that emulates the Realistic MG-1, a Moog synth that was sold by Radio Shack.


  • 2 analog style oscillators (tone sources) with saw/square waveform, sync and ring modulation (bell).
  • Noise generator.
  • Tempo sync LFO (modulation) with triangle, square and random waveforms.
  • ASR envelope (contour).
  • VCA with multiple mode, envelope, key (gate) and continuous.
  • 24db filter modulated by the LFO and Envelope.
  • Monophonic or polyphonic modes with separate tuning.

The Realist MG-1 is arguably one of the worst Moog synths ever made – but even a virtual recreation of a bad Moog sounds pretty good……

Reality is available now as a free Windows VST.

via myVST

14 thoughts on “Free Windows Synth Recreates The Realistic Moog MG-1 Synthesizer

  1. Okay, I call bullshit. 1) The d/l site ran out of bandwidth, 2) I found the dll on a mirror (wish I had saved the link) and it won't load in Ableton because its missing sem files, 3) the site has been changed and the info page for the synth has become some ad-site. If I'm wrong correct me, but I haven't seen this work on anything but that video.

    1. have exactly the same problem loading it in live, causes, after about 20 odd notifications informing of missing ‘sem’ files and data banks etc, a massive crash in live. real pity too, this was my first synthesizer and, despite its many limitations, a great synth to use. the auto contour trigger, the poly function, the ring modulator, all being great features on an introductory synth.

      would really appreciate any help in sorting this problem out, best mark.

  2. Sorry for the quick reply (can't edit): After you clicked the link remove the . from the end. That caused the 404 ("not found").

  3. Number 1:
    The reason why the link is invalid as well as a lot of other VST stuff is because everyone has moved onto smart phones and nobody has a computer so therefore there is no desire for VST or home musician stuff……………at least that’s what big industry is trying hard to sell and many people who are casuals will believe that pack of lies and react on it so as a result these VST things are also no longer available as they have moved on.

    As for number 2:
    You can’t do home musician stuff on phones and if they ever can make phone apps for VST stuff why even bother when the screen is so tiny and the keyboards suck?

    Where I live in Salem Oregon no stores even sell desktop computers anymore and it’s all phones or laptops that are expensive and have very little internal memory storage less then 2GB so you can’t do any meaningful work and the people there no diddly squat on how to fix them (desktops) and actually said “We can’t fix THAT old thing!”

    In order to fix my computer Dad and I had to go all the way to Fry’s up in Portland and they were ‘Johnny on the spot’ and found the problem right away which they barely charge anything if it’s not severe. One time they didn’t charge anything for a memory leak and we bought more RAM from Fry’s Electronics as a result to increase speed and I have a better computer that I could never do in Salem.

    I think Fry’s Electronics survived without much issues is because when the economy was good they did NOT over expand like other big box stores that were building all new stores like weeds and now are having to close a lot of them as a result of investing poorly.

  4. I have a friend that we did careful researching and he bought himself a new laptop online which they were far better then what you see in the stores and his can do what a medium end computer does and for less money.

    The same priced laptops at stores will just barely turn on especially with Win 10 that requires 4GB of ram just to turn on essentials and do something. 3GB you can still run Windows 10 but it will be choppy at best.

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