Moog Music Moving To Downtown Asheville

Moog Music is planning a move to downtown Asheville, NC, according to a report in the Asheville Mountain Xpress.

Moog Music will purchase a long-vacant brick building on Broadway, located just north of the Interstate 240 overpass and across the street from the ABC liquor store, to house a retail location, museum and its famous factory.

Based on the description, it looks like this is the building Moog is going to take over:

A spokesman for Moog president Mike Adams said that an announcement of some kind will be made at 3 p.m. this Friday afternoon. Moog’s current operation is located at 2004 Riverside Drive, just north of the city.

If you’ve got any additional info on the move, leave a comment below!

6 thoughts on “Moog Music Moving To Downtown Asheville

  1. Is that building worth more or less than their current one? Is it bigger or smaller? Is this a good or bad sign for Moog?

  2. Whoa, I live in Asheville and this is Awesome! yeah, it's a bit of downtown that's been empty for a while, but just cause nobody could think of anything to put there… and yeah, as an electronic music artist, I'm totally psyched! Even if I still can't afford Moog… 😉

  3. Hey folks – this building is bigger than Moog's current location – in fact the new purchase includes multiple adjoining buildings on that lot. It's definitely a good sign.

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