New Instant DIY MIDI Controller

Highly Liquid has introduced MIDI CPU – an $44.95 “instant DIY MIDI controller/MIDI encoder” that can be used to created custom MIDI devices.

The MIDI CPU ships fully assembled.  Simply attach MIDI connectors, control components, and a battery or DC power supply.

The MIDI CPU has a long list of potential applications:

  • Build your own traditional footswitch, keyboard, or “knob box” controller
  • Build your own alternative MIDI controller—optical theremin, fret-based controller, etc
  • Generate MIDI note patterns or CC waveforms from digital or analog signals.
  • Re-purpose a “consumer” keyboard, calculator, game controller, or other electronic device as a MIDI controller.


  • 24 independent input terminals
  • Monitors up to 128 switches, 14 potentiometers, or 12 encoders
  • Allows mixed input types
  • Merges MIDI input with locally generated messages—multiple units share a single MIDI Out port
  • Powered via battery or DC supply between 3.3V and 12V
  • Measures only 66mm x 38mm (2.6? x 1.5?)
  • Configured via MIDI SysEx message
  • User-upgradeable firmware

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