Secrets Of Eric Singer’s Music Robots

Episode 3 of Sound Builders takes a look at Eric Singer and his music robots.

Some of Singer’s robots are on tour now as part of Pat Metheny’s Orchestrion.

via MotherboardTV:

In Episode 3 of Sound Builders, we travel to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to visit the basement of Eric Singer, founder of LEMUR (League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots).

Despite receiving his music degree from Phil Collins, Eric has gone on to create incredibly innovative music robots that have been used by the likes of Pat Metheny and Mari Kimura. A founding member of the Brooklyn-based arts collaborative The Madagascar Institute (previously profiled in a Motherboard video), Eric has made music out of fire, balls of slime, along with a slew of other unlikely materials. In this episode Eric takes us on a tour of the LEMUR workshop and explains how it came to be.

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