Archangel Step Sequencer & Touchplate Controller Coming Soon

Detachment 3 says that its Archangel analog sequencer and touchplate controller will be available late summer 2010. Archangel is designed for performance and interactivity.

It’s got a full selection of jacks for modular patching, MIDI & DIN sync support a built-in quantizer and more.

Here’s what they have to say about Archangel:

Archangel at its core is a 4-row 16-step analog sequencer with integrated 16-pad touchplate controller. The layout of the sequencer allows for instant access to every function available. Archangel can be its own timing master as well as slave to MIDI, DIN sync or an external clock pulse. The sequence length can be set from 1 to 16 stages, and step size can be adjusted from 1/32nd note to two bars. To speed composition and improvisation Archangel has an integrated multi-scale quantizer.

The sequencer has five direction modes and three integrated sequential switches. There are two 2:1 switches on the top and bottom pair of rows as well as a single 4:1 switch for all 4 rows. Altering the step size and number of steps per row does not take effect until the start of the next pattern. The Archangel sequencer can free-run or operate in one-shot mode, which will stop when the pattern reaches the last step. The pattern can be restarted with the start/stop button, the external stage 1 gate, or via the touchplate keyboard.

As well as operating as a standard sequencer, Archangel can be played with the touchplate keyboard. Each sequencer stage will be activated when the corresponding key is touched. Each touchplate key is both pressure and position sensitive, giving 2D control of any parameter in your synthesizer system. Finally, there is an external CV addressing input that allows Archangel to be used as either a CV-controlled sequencer or a low-frequency step-based waveshaper.

Check out the Berlin School synth music demo above, complete with authentic old-school synth tuning.

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