9 thoughts on “How Theremins Work – It’s Effing Science!

  1. Superficial, factually inaccurate, and they set it up wrong. On a par with, "How does a flute work? Well, you blow in one end and move your fingers up and down the outside. The harder you blow, the lower the note."

    Still, excellent for TV science.

  2. Well …. my theremin works backwards ? the lower frequency is away from the antena. The high is closer … Did they mount it wrong ?

  3. That is a really awful video, lacking any kind of science, or indeed, factual accuracy. That's how you build a Theramin? Buy one from Mr Moog?!

  4. "Moog, the man who brought us the worlds first synthesizer" ? Say what? I'd say E. Gray did that, and a narrow 100 years later Moog setup a commercial version. But not the first.

    And I have to agree with overall cynicism. I mean; this looks like a Brainiac show where they call stuff science while its in fact…

    But for people wanting to know of another way to create that cool, creepy space sound fear not for I have the solution and you won't even need to get out of your chair!

    Goto the Ableton website (www.ableton.com) and download either Live or the Suite version. Install it, start the demo. Now collapse either the 'Analog' or 'Operator' instrument and find the preset section called "Special-FX". Drag in preset and start creating spooky sounds 🙂

    (sorry, couldn't resist ;-))

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