Using Thor To Process Audio

Propellehead Reason guru James Bernard demonstrates using Thor to process audio.

via PropellerheadSW:

Think Thor is ONLY a versatile and amazing sounding synth? Think again because Thor is also one of the coolest audio processors you’ve got… you just didn’t know it.

The best part? James not only shows us how to process audio through Thor, but he’s created some Thor combinator patches to get you started!

3 thoughts on “Using Thor To Process Audio

  1. Yeah, this is the stuff I've been jealous about for a while. Though I made the choice for Live I always wondered what could happen if I'd be able to route existing sound right into Operator (for example) and use the instrument as an effect to actually modulate the sound with one or four oscillators (and the accompanying filters). With a DAW like Reason which clearly makes a big issue out of routing I'd expected nothing less.

    Still, the 'gap' has been filled up for me in the mean time through M4L. Ironically enough now the idea to "only" have 4 oscillators at your disposal which can then "only" be routed in 11 different ways (ways of routing; connecting stuff in parallel or serial or even grouped) seems restricting to me. Although it takes more time it is also quite rewarding.

    Still, a very interesting video IMO. Nice to see that some of my assumptions about Reason were dead on.

  2. How did I miss this? I'm usually really good with routing in Reason. Guess you can always learn something new. And now they are talking about Reason 5! I haven't even fully learned Reason 4 yet!

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