Danielle Wilde’s hipDisk Is “The Most Undignified Musical Instrument Ever”!

We’ve seen some strange musical instruments before, but Danielle Wilde’s hipDisk may be the corker:

hipDisk exploits changing relationships between torso and hip to actuate sound.Simple horizontal disk-shaped extensions of the body exaggerate, so make highly visible, the interdependent relationship of the hip and torso. Soft switches, strategically placed around the perimeter of each disk, allow the wearer to play a chromatic scale, and so play simple melodies, restricted only by flexibility and speed of swing.

hipDisk is designed to inspire people to swing their hips and explore and extend the full range of movement available to them through a simultaneous, interdependent exploration of sound. In creatinghipDisk, the interest was to move beyond limb- and digit-triggered switches and explore full-body movement for actuation. The resulting body-instrument interconnects choreography and composition in a fundamental way, and hopefully opens up new areas of exploration.

It may not be too dignified, but it’s fun to watch!

via Ryan at Behringer

3 thoughts on “Danielle Wilde’s hipDisk Is “The Most Undignified Musical Instrument Ever”!

  1. I'd bet I would dig it a bit more if she did two of them on her wrists… digging some hindu goddess type gesturing… should someone tell her?

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