The Mopho Does Acid

Saturday Synth Porn: This video demonstrates using the awesomely analog Dave Smith Instruments Mopho with remote control, using the free Mopho VSTi and an Akai APC40.

via inbetweenmovements:

I was really waiting for that VSTi because MIDI Implementation of MOPHO is not working with every controller, the MOPHO knobs are crappy and now I can finally use the APC 40 to control mopho.

3 thoughts on “The Mopho Does Acid

  1. @titovm: I'm having the same problem, tried all the usual MIDI tricks.. not getting anything to the Mopho .. it doesn't help that the company is almost non-existant and definitely did not make a manual, oh and the help buttons do not work in the VST either… grr. You ever figure anything out?

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