Coming Soon – The Ultimate iPad Mellotron

iPad Music Software: Omenie Software has announced plans to release the ultimate iPad Mellotron – Mellotronics 3000 HD – featuring sounds from original Mellotron tapes:

Powered by Ellatron and stuffed with genuine Mellotronics, this is initially an iPad-exclusive baby brother to Streetly’s amazing M4000 tape-replay instrument, with iPhone version to follow. Streetly have for the first time made their entire tape vault available under license, and the M3000 is stuffed with voices derived from the Mellotronics tape library – *EXACTLY* the same tapes that appear on all those Beatles, Genesis, King Crimson and Zombies records.

All 35 notes of each voice are sampled – this is a *BIG* application, and it sounds beautiful. To make it even more beautiful we’ve integrated a gorgeous, lush and highly controllable reverb engine. The Church organ never sounded bigger …

Four voices can be resident in memory at one time, allowing the classic A/B/C switch to be used to instantly switch between voices. Even better, the A/B/C switch is in fact a continuous controller to support an infinite* variety of blended tones. All the while, a 4th voice can be used with the now-standard Ellatron chord pads.

No bells. No whistles. Just 120 MBytes of pure, musical, Mellotronic joy.

This is interesting news – but using an iPad as a keyboard is still cumbersome. If this worked with a MIDI interface, it would be fantastic news.

Interested in an iPad Mellotron?

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