Everyday Looper – Bittersweet Symphony

Sunday Synth Jam: With not a synth in site and possibly and excess of hipness, this video may push the iPhone-haters over the edge.

Nevertheless, Johnny Rodriguez gives his iPhone a workout in his cover of Bittersweet Symphony, using an Alesis ProTrack to get higher quality audio and Everyday Looper to layer the audio in realtime.

via ejohnnyrod:

Watch this video in 1080p and full screen it! I am using the “Alesis Pro Track” to plug my guitar in and get higher quality audio, and “Everyday Looper” from the app store to loop 6 tracks. Subscribe if you liked this and my last video–because I’ll be posting more! Thanks!

A big thank you to Jordan Kartchner for directing this video! This song and video were a blast to do! Also, a big thank you to all who commented and subscribed after my last video! Please let me know what song you would like me to do next time!

Je veux remercier chacun qui a commenté sur ma dernière vidéo. Faites-moi savoir s’il y a une chanson que vous voulez que je fasse ! Oui, c’est vrai, je parlent français.

Quiero agradecer a cada uno que comentó respecto a mi vídeo pasado. ¡Por favor déjeme saber si hay una canción que usted quisiera que hiciera! Tambien solo para que sepan, si hablo español!

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5 thoughts on “Everyday Looper – Bittersweet Symphony

  1. I absolutely love this video! Good find! I have GOT to get me an iPhone! ……slowly converting…. damn you johny rodriguez!

  2. Yeah this is a sweet video. I went out and bought "everyday looper" because of this… Let's see what I can do…

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