Steinberg Nuendo 5

Steinberg has announced Nuendo 5 for Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6 and Windows 7, Vista and XP.

According to Steinberg, Nuendo 5 represents a new “state-of-the-art production environment”.

“This is a landmark release for Nuendo, introducing extremely valuable new functionality,” says Steinberg’s Timo Wildenhain.

Among the new features presented in Nuendo 5 is a new ADR toolset engineered for audio post, providing new capabilities for spotting including advanced take- and marker handling, EDL import, a new video engine and much more. Clip Packages have been designed specifically for sound editors as a new way of organizing and handling audio as clusters of files across multiple tracks that can be archived, previewed and retrieved almost instantly using the upgraded Nuendo 5 MediaBay.

Enhanced mixing features in Nuendo 5 include further developments on the Nuendo automation system as well as direct routing with multiple destinations. A new plug-in set with the next-generation Surround Panner and a surround bus Patch Editor further add to the advanced feature set for surround that have been the hallmark of the Nuendo audio engine since its inception. Numerous other additions in Nuendo 5 include a waveform display in the Nuendo mixer, improved compatibility with Pro Tools audio files and automated Batch Export functions.

Nuendo 5 also integrates seamlessly with Steinberg’s Nuendo SyncStation synchronizer hardware, providing sample-accurate sync in almost any situation requiring rock-solid sync to almost any modern sync standard. Nuendo 5 also features complete support for a range of controller devices such as Euphonix, WK Audio and the Smart AV Tango.

Nuendo 5 will retail for €1799.00/£1531.00*.

4 thoughts on “Steinberg Nuendo 5

  1. I've had the unique opportunity to get to known Steinberg a little bit better from a more business-like view in the role of a beta tester, and to be quite honest; I didn't like what I saw one bit. Like dealing with contracts which need to be signed by both parties; yet don't think you'll get a signed copy back from them; the legal stuff is said to work both ways in the contract, but all they're leaving you with is nothing. Fortunately international nor (most) national laws don't work this way and protect people from it, in fact; some would even come close to describing such techniques as plain out swindle if money or other goods would exchange hands.

    Still, it gave me a rather interesting view into the Steinberg kitchen, especially the stability and the kind of mistakes which are being made by their programmers. And when I see that the sequel to an already existing product manages to introduce bugs which are so simplistically dumb, worse: weren't even present in the previous product *though the routine performs the exact same task* then I kinda lose faith and all interest whatsoever in whatever stuff Steinberg produces. Oh, it'll work, sure. And they have a reputation and a big name behind it, sure, sure.

    But "quality software"? I don't think so anymore, after what I've witnessed I'm more tempted to call their stuff overpriced and overhyped. I am quite critical about some things, I'll give you that. And naturally you can't generalize here, that too isn't fair. Still; no more Steinberg for me.

    (In all fairness, I've said what I wanted and this is also the very last comment I'll ever write about Steinberg software. I'm not out to slander, simply venting my frustrations and annoyances).

  2. OK, thanks for sharing.

    When you run four studios operating on N4 you really, really, really, REALLY do not care for the way Steinberg runs his business nor how they beta-test their stuff.

    Steinberg's kitchen doesn't vary from the most of fancy restaurants' kitchens – it's filthy somewhere, smells bad, is filled with cursing and sometimes they do dirty cheap tricks like reheating the same dish.

    But for satisfied customers counts only the taste of what they get there.

    That's why I don't care for your personal experience, since N4 works great on my machines.



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