The Relentless Machine

Image: Masonic Boom

Saturday Synth Porn: This psychedelic image, via Masonic Boom, brings to life ‘the woman-machine and her erotic daydreams of synthesizers’:

I decided to illustrate the video that Michel made for Sandy P’s Relentless Machine Dream*.

I wanted her to look equal parts Wonder Woman, Maria from Metropolis and a heavy dash of H.R. Giger. (Also slightly inspired by the cover of the Tonto’s Expanding Head Band album that’s propped up on top of my CD case.)

It’s funny, that is actually what my fingers do on the rare occasion that I remember to do a reality check in order to try and provoke lucid dreaming.

*If you don’t know what I’m talking about, never mind, they are characters from a story. Hey, leave me alone I’ve been listening to Aphex Twin’s Drukqs for about 48 hours straight at this point and my head has gone really funny and I’m having erotic daydreams about synthesisers. I mean, as you do…

via the Synthtopia Flickr Group

5 thoughts on “The Relentless Machine

  1. Reminds me a lot of that Norman Spinrad's "The Void Captain's Tale" wherein the starship was powered by the force of the Pilot's orgasm….

  2. Great, now I will probably never be able to buy a used synth again without thinking about what unholy things the previous owner might have been up to with it. It did never occur to me that a synthesizer of any kind could be an object of erotic phantasies.

    Go fuck your vacuum cleaners, but leave the synths alone!
    (posted on behalf of the newly founded "Synthesizers Against Rape Liberation Front")

  3. Wow, just wanted to make a joke about this, and then I realised: This IS America, the golden land of opportunity where even software fears the mighty power of certain words. Something to think of whenever I get fed up by the dealings of the EU or my own country's administration.

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