Erik Norlander’s Modular Synthesizer ‘Wall Of Doom’ Raises Goosebumps

TThis image of Erik Norlander performing on his recently reconfigured Wall Of Doom modular synthesizer is taken from a collection of photos by Jon Leidel of the recent Moogus Operandi concert.

The event was a benefit concert for The Bob Moog Foundation:

Norlander explored the boundaries of the legendary Moog sound and captured the creative, analog-based vibe that is Moog.

One Moogus Operandi attendee summed it up when he was asked by another “What do you think of the music”? to which the response was simply “Goosebumps”.

If you happened to make it to the event, leave a comment and let us know what you thought of it!

2 thoughts on “Erik Norlander’s Modular Synthesizer ‘Wall Of Doom’ Raises Goosebumps

  1. TThis is making me drool!

    Why do the cabinets need to be so deep, though? Wouldn't something 6" deep save a lot so space?

  2. Some of the modules might be deeper than 6" – plus it gives him plenty of room to tuck cords/power supplies, etc. into the back of them.

    He's probably got roadies, so size/weight probably isn't an issue. Now if I could just get some of them to help me move my 800# Hammond around…

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