Novation Launchpad Tutorial

In this series of videos, Rupert Brown offers his tips on Novation Launchpad configuration:

As I start digging into the launchpad I am trying to create a fun setup for playing with drum loops live. To achieve this I really needed monetary CC control values on some pads, as oppose to the default toggle behavior.

In order to set this up we need to use Novation’s Automap software. All the reading I could find pointed to me having to choose either the native Launchpad configuration (with session mode etc.) OR the Automap configuration to get my monetary controls. However this is not the case! There is a way to switch between the two different setups on the fly. If you have a Launchpad and dont know how to do this I highly recommend you check out this episode!

Part 2 of Brown’s video series on Novation Launchpad configuration:

This week I show you one of the best ways to cut up drumloops during a live performance. This setup can be done on other controllers however the Launchpad layout works really well with it. One of the great things about this is you can set it to your own percussion competency level, from seasoned pro drummer to first timer. And I think it would be just as much fun for either.

Also I want to mention the release of Throwing Hammers Vol 3 from Kilotone which my main musical outlet, If you like a bit of darkness check it out.

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  1. Great work. my Launchpad has been gathering dust since I got the iPad, but I know I'm missing some great tricks with it.

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