Free Windows Software Synthesizer, Rez

Free Windows Music Software:  Rez is a free Windows virtual analog monosynth, with a resonant low pass filter that is capable of a wide range of sounds.


  • Phrase arpeggiator.
  • Sub oscillator.
  • Detune (modulatable via aftertouch).
  • Highly resonant low pass filter.
  • Pulse width modulation.
  • Overdrive.
  • Dual Delay.
  • Phaser (with velocity modulation).
  • 3 LFOs.
  • Host BPM Sync.
  • MIDI CC control over most presets.
  • 256 presets.

Download at the Ugoaudio site.

via MyVst

3 thoughts on “Free Windows Software Synthesizer, Rez

  1. I've discovered the VST's made by Ugo quite some time ago (I think its even thanks to Synthtopia, but I'm not sure); things like String theory and Texture. And of course; Rez 2.0. All in all very useful synths which can bring a great diversity to a set. Motion didn't interest me back then, but I think I'll give it a new try.. And well; Metallurgy still looks very appealing, perhaps pick up the demo too 🙂

    With a recent purchase of Reason 4 I don't really need new gear right now (instead I need more time to get more experience with my gear ;-)) but Ugo's stuff always managed to impress with with sound and robustness.

    Oh; anyone noticed that he started working on Rez 3.0 ? I think that sounds quite promising!

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