Open Source Bicycle Interaction Synthesizer Now Available

We’re not sure if this is the best thing ever or a crime against nature – but developers have announced the first release of Velosynth, the open-source bicycle interaction synthesizer. released under a creative commons sharealike license.

It’s a small, hackable computer that a”ugments the cycling experience by interpreting speed, acceleration, and other sensor data into useful audio feedback.”

How Velosynth works:

a hall-effect sensor attached to the fork detects the presence of a magnet fixed to a spoke of the front wheel. a three-axis accelerometer within the enclosure can be used to detect turning, leaning, and tilting. sensor data is collected and transmogrified by the cpu, which provides both audio and visual feedback.

audio feedback is created using a digital oscillator circuit that is controlled by a digital potentiometer connected to the cpu. its output is amplified and sent to the speaker.

visual feedback is negotiated through a 4-digit, 7-segment display that shines through the skin of the enclosure. additional LEDs can also be added and controlled by the CPU.

Here’s how to know if the Velosynth is for you:

Kits are $100. See for details.

20 thoughts on “Open Source Bicycle Interaction Synthesizer Now Available

  1. Not sure I understand why you’d want your bike to make annoying squeeling noises – but it made me wonder about repurposing this to do something more musical.

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  3. I don't get it. The product that is. Did they actually play it at all? Are you supposed to hook up a speaker to yer bike and ride around annoying everyone, or does it collect the data so it can be played another time? And if the latter, what does the "data' consist of?

    If it chucked out midi data, that would be cool.

    Yer Pal,

  4. i like the idea, but this isn't music. It is machine taking measurements and vomiting out the feedback as a change in air pressure. The noises created are probably cool and the device may even be useable as an instrument provided a composer can reign in it's peculiarities. This is amazing regardless. It reminds me of the biometric feedback devices used in hypnotherapy sessions.

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