The Best Dancing Baby Video Ever

This is a remix video – but it still may be the best dancing baby video ever.

Luiz Otavio, age 2, dances to the sounds of Major Lazer, ft. VYBZ Kartel.

Does this kid have some moves or what?

via DubbleEweBallz:

A REMIX of the dancing Brazilian baby by [email protected] The footage is REAL – playing at normal speed with no manipulation (other than basic editing – moving pieces around).

11 thoughts on “The Best Dancing Baby Video Ever

  1. notice the huge amount of liquor bottles in the back….nice environment to grow up in….music sucked, baby looks like an idiot, err mentally challenged person and so does granny, or is it his mommy? ridiculous and unsynthtopia worthy post

  2. What about the 2 year-old baby dancing on a table three feet off the ground.

    That seems like a great idea with no possibility for danger.

  3. you guys are soooo stupidly serious it is sad! the baby is not drinking and the track he is dancing on seems to be mixed well.
    can't you give a break to the synthman ? that was a cool post!

    babies can survive 3 foot drops no problem.. Maybe that is why you are so humorless as grown ups now?

  4. You are stating what you see. Have you looked in the mirror or even thought about how YOU might sound youself? Don't be so critical.

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