New Wiimote Powered, iPhone Enabled Intelligent Looping Device

This is a sneak preview of Intello, an “Intelligent Looping Device” for Ableton Live 8 + Max For Live:

The goal is to make a plugin, running in Ableton Live, programmed in Max for Live, which produces Glitches in a new fantastic way.

This is a work in progress. See Zettt’s site for the latest update.

6 thoughts on “New Wiimote Powered, iPhone Enabled Intelligent Looping Device

  1. Hmm, yeah.. Almost nothing is impossible anymore when combining your Live environment with Max for Live. Almost nothing though; there are still details to worked out here and there (and some "limitations" you might run into aren't even caused by M4L itself) but in the overall…

    I truly believe that embedding Max into Live was one of the best and most daring moves ever made for both Ableton as well as Cycling '74. And I LOVE IT!

  2. SynthFan: Yes, I know, but did you actually read my entire post on this? This work is not about Max for Live, it is about music interactivity. It can be done with virtually everything. I just happen to use M4L for this instead of something else.

  3. I read it indeed but the story on your website talks more about how you're doing all this in M4L; the bugs you discovered, the way you used delay, etc. Its more talking about the development process than the music interactivity itself. To be honest; at this time I think the technique behind it is more interesting than the generated sound effects.

  4. Probably yes, especially for us “engineer” persons, but the project by itself is meant create sound in an interactive environment. The idea is to have people listening to a performance, let’s call the performer DJ, and then manipulate his/her live audio while it’s playing.
    Right this weekend I realized how much impact this, or similar stuff, could have to modern music. And finally save the music business. (lol)

    1. Sounds interesting! Can you imagine putting a web cam on the audience and somehow having their actions control effects within the music/

  5. Could be done, Jitter would be the tool you’re looking for. The thing is I want control. So that not everyone in the audience with an iPhone can “mangle” up my site. Only a few chosen ones.
    We will make the iPhone interface like “disabled” when they can’t do anything, and colorful and “enabled” when they can. If we can figure some way out to honor the users their name will be projected to some kind of live generated picture wall.

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