MorphWiz Synth Jam

iPhone Music Software: This MorphWiz synth jam for the Apple iPad comes via JCRUDESS:

The second inspiration of the night. This time I lay down some improvised chords and just expressed (improvised a melody on MorphWiz.

Once again filming with one hand and playing with the other! Gotta get one of those Iphone tripods for the road!!

8 thoughts on “MorphWiz Synth Jam

  1. no im diggin the app and what jordan is playing here its pretty chill im just serouis about not wanting to see his synthgasim face ever again

  2. i actually like this program's possibilities. just please…no more synth face, or really any face because mr. rudeness you're kind of annoying. just kindly focus on the apps if you don't mind. 😉

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