AdrenaLinn Sync Version 2

Roger Linn demonstrates AdrenaLinn Sync Version 2, the beat-synced effects plug-in from Roger Linn Design, containing the sync effects of AdrenaLinn III and more.

When Linn introduced AdrenaLinn Sync – a software version of his respected beat-synced guitar effects pedal – it was regarded by many as being handicapped by its reliance on out of date technology. Since then, AdrenaLinn Sync has been rewritten, with the help of Way Out Ware’s Jim Heinz, eliminating the kludginess of version and adding a lot of new features.

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9 thoughts on “AdrenaLinn Sync Version 2

  1. Still dying to see if he ever make the full AdrenaLinn an AU plug. If he does, I don't think I'll ever use anything else. I LOVE the stompbox, but need the computer recall. Some of my all time best recording are with the Adrenalinn. Thanks Roger. : >

  2. I wrote to Roger praising him for this video — which is essentially a tight, apt "project preset" in his inimitable style. It convinced me to try… and then buy it. I thought CamelSpace was neat but AdrenaLinn Sync goes beyond: its particular combo routing of effects leads to some super-unique possibilities. In particular, how it can pitch its filter has added lush resonance to my drum loops.

    I also sent Roger a lovely gem of a track I used AdrenaLinn Sync on, which may be making an appearance soon. 🙂

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