Build A Photo Theremin From 7 Parts!

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This is a demo of Forrest Mims, III’s Audible Light Meter. This photo-theremin design was originally published in Optoelectronic Projects Vol 1, published by Radio Shack in 1976.

The schematic is included within the video.

via EA78751:

a super minimal photo-theremin from back in the day… lets build it and see what it sounds like.

it only has 7 parts including the speaker and battery!

One thought on “Build A Photo Theremin From 7 Parts!

  1. Just wonder if the “light resistor” is being used as a resistor or a switch. Dose the setting of light coming in to the resistor change the amount that can pass, just just lets it all flow, and turning on the Transistors to max flow

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