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  1. Wonderful interview, thanks tony, trent, and thank you Synthtopia for a great kick strat of my weekend here in the ME
    Cheers 🙂

  2. Probably cos he has run out of ideas, lack of inspiration, or just
    don't really give a damn anymore. I remember the last time I saw him
    live, a few years ago, he seemed like he had better things to do than to
    be on stage. I noticed this all started when he went 'metro ' the short hair,
    the black t-shirt and leather vest, pant legs cuffed and the appearance of
    have done some steroids…he was much cooler back in the early 90's

  3. I saw NIN during their 2008 tour and got an entirely different impression.

    Everybody was playing well, the show was tight and the visuals were insanely well done.

  4. I've nothing against this guy Trent Reznor but he seems to be one of these articulate, interesting, relevant people like Amanda Palmer who attracts the most insane levels of adulatory attention. I mean, there are plenty of articulate, interesting, relevant people. Why pay particular attention to these two?
    And no, I haven't played the video of the interview or whatever.

  5. Agreed. I saw one of the last gigs they did, when they toured in australia for a festival, last year and it was just mind blowing. Easily one of the best gigs I've ever been to, let alone the fact that it was part of a festival. The level of performance, the set, the visuals, the lighting, everything was just amazing.

    I can compare it to the first, and only other time i saw him which was in the late 90's for another festival pre-fragile (damn him for never coming back in all that time) and it was also awesome, but there is a huge gap in the showmanship between the two. He had a lot more rage back then, which counts for a alot, but the skill, and the show had improved so much over the years.

  6. I think because there is also a human part about Trent. You always feel like you get to see a bit of him in all his interviews, and music. …Or maybe that's just my inner fan talking.

  7. I happen to like How To Destroy Angels a lot. It does have a lot of the NIN character, but any project needs time to develop its own personality, especially after working with one very identifiable sound for 20 years. Songs are good, programming rocks, the girl can definitely sing.

  8. If you had watched the videos you might not have attributed him as "articulate". To me he seems kind of bored, a little on the sleepy side, not unlike someone who has been up all night drinking and then wakes up with a hang-over to find that he has an interview scheduled which he totally could have done without.

    Who is Amanda Palmer by the way? Ah, the mighty Mr. Google tells me she is relevant because she has long legs and does not mind showing them to the world to achieve her goal. Sometimes Mr. Google can be such a chauvinist. 😉

  9. Interesting interview – but I wonder what Reznor does with all that gear? You don't hear much of it in his music.

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