Free Software Synth For Windows – Mono/Fury

Free Windows Music Software: Full Bucket Software has introduced Mono/Fury, a free Wndows software synthesizer that designed to emulate the Korg Mono/Poly analog synthesizer.


  • Close emulation of behavior and all controls.
  • Monophonic/quadrophonic keyboard action.
  • Four band-limited oscillators.
  • Four-pole lowpass filter with self-oscillation.
  • “Effects” section including Cross modulation and hard sync.
  • Arpeggiator with sync-to-host option.
  • Additional tweak section.

4 thoughts on “Free Software Synth For Windows – Mono/Fury

  1. I was getting weird chopping behaviour with the synth in Cubase. At one point it just stop making any sound and required a restart. I wasn't impressed but I can see once the bugs are worked out this will be really nice. I love me some PWM.

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