$40 App Turns iPad Into A Hardware MIDI Sequencer

Apple iPad Music Software: Garren Langford has released MIDI Live (App Store link), a $39.99 multi-channel MIDI playback sequencer for the Apple iPad.

MIDI Live works with the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer, so you can use it to control playback of hardware gear.

MIDI Live provides realtime modification of MIDI file parameters including:

  • Song Tempo
  • Key Change
  • Instrument Assignment
  • Song Cue
  • Mixing Parameters

It is possible to alter these parameters while the song is playing or save for future playback. Playlists are also supported. Songs can be freely downloaded from the internet or loaded from your laptop.

Note: This application does not make sound on its own, it requires the Midi Mobilizer from Line 6.

MIDI Live is notable for the fact that it turns the iPad into a hardware MIDI playback controller – but we’re still looking for a multi-channel sequencer that works with the MIDI Mobilizer.

via PalmSounds

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