Teenage Engineering OP-1 Synth The Star Of New Swedish House Mafia Music Video

This is the official music video for the Swedish House Mafia’s One (Your Name) feat Pharrell.

The official stars the unreleased Teenage Engineering OP-1 synthesizer, and is sure to get a few people hyped on it!

via Ian TaylorswedishhousemafiaTV:

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We thought things could not get any bigger. Tinie Tempah in Ibiza, Kylie in Ibiza, Electric Daisy! Sensation! But now we’re back to what counts…the music….and the video!!!!

Swedish House Mafia – Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso & Steve Angello – release the Official Video for their massive debut single and Club Anthem of the Summer 2010!

Directed by: Christian Larson & Henrik Hanson
Director of photography: Mattias Montero


13 thoughts on “Teenage Engineering OP-1 Synth The Star Of New Swedish House Mafia Music Video

  1. gay video and TIRED diaretic song. too bad for OP-1. I'm still getting one though! TE musta got paid a poopload for this! If they paid to get product placement they just made their 1st mistake.

    Pharell please go take a cold shower. I'm not giving you my name.

  2. I'm not thrilled about the OP-1 showing up in the clip, but that song goes off in a club, and it's good exposure for TE. They'll get interest from a lot more people as a result. I suspect they wouldn't have paid for the exposure, I expect it would be someone from SHM taking an interest in one.

    Good for them.

    Still really looking forward to getting my hands on one. I'm hoping I can convince a few other people to get them and have some OP-1 jam parties. 😛

  3. Typical 2010 braindead drivel – this naff regurgitation is what has killed the dance genre for me.

    The OP1 has video presence – I'll give it that.

    Hopefully there is more to it than this tired old soundset. – before I add it to my studio I would be asking can it actually offer something that is sonically unique rather than just having a funky interface.

  4. I wonder how much of the music was actually made with the OP-1. I'm going to guess that just the intro was. At about 1:01 in the video, you can see some sort of previously unmentioned "Piano Roll" grid style sequencer. That's what I'm talking about! That will make sequencing fun. I'm so pumped for the OP-1.

  5. Great. Let’s glorify violence and theft, just as long as it looks cool in the process. Geez… I can’t wait to try out the synth, but is it cool enough to kill for? Don’t tell me you want world peace– c’mon!

  6. If you read the latest Future Music you get the feeling that nothing was actually made on OP-1. Pure product placement in other words. Instead they use Synplant, Sylenth, NI Kore.

  7. It's a cute toy; being a musician myself I must say I prefer using a real synth than using midi / similar synth "virtual" software; sounds from a programme. As much as we love the virtual world, and the way technology has evolved, I think we all still crave the need to touch and feel. It's human nature

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