Add Drawbars To Your Nord Keyboard

The Ocean Beach Digital DB-1 Drawbar Module is an add-on MIDI drawbar module, designed specifically for Nord keyboards:

The Ocean Beach Digital DB-1 Drawbar Module already knows how to send the right commands for your Nord. The sliders have the exact same spacing as the drawbars on a B-3, and they move the same distance, all in a very small package that fits nicely on top of your Nord. It has an extra set of MIDI jacks so you don’t lose the ability to communicate with other gear. It even has a MIDI merge function built-in, so you can use a second keyboard controller as a lower organ manual. You can use one DB-1 Drawbar Module to control both manuals, or you can use two of them together to have dedicated drawbars for upper and lower manual. No other drawbar controller does all that.

It supports the Nord Electro, Electro 2, Electro3, Stage, Stage EX, and the C1 & C2 organs.

The Ocean Beach Digital DB-1 Drawbar Module is expected to ship soon and sell for $279.

2 thoughts on “Add Drawbars To Your Nord Keyboard

  1. does this work only with the nord? I hope not– Drawbars are missing from every midi controller out there!!

    I'm a little disappointed they're just sliders, and not actually drawbars. But I guess the form factor precludes that.

  2. True, it's not even actual drawbars. They look like sliders. Play a real organ or just deal with the Nord c-1 and it's LEDs.

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