Free Electric Guitar Synthesizer For The iPad, Mugician

iPad Music Software: Mugician for the iPad (App Store link) is a free electric guitar synthesizer app, targeting guitarists with real-world distorted sound.

Here’s what the dev eloper has to say about Mugician:

You can play fretless on it. It helps you visualize scales, including quarter-tone scales which are impossible on a fretted guitar. Visit the web link, and post recordings for me to collect.

It requires and rewards practice. There are no songbooks or chord books, just what a real guitarist needs to play microtonal music in a keyboard-like format. Simple and reliable to always have in your backpack when so you can jack into the local PA system without bringing any gear with you.

If you’ve tried Mugician, leave a comment with your thoughts on it!


This is an app made by my friend Rob Fielding and it is called Mugician.

It’s awesome.. It uses a similar kind of pitch handling that we use in MorphWiz.

Here I am with a little jam that I did in my hotel room in Virginia today. I recorded this with my Zoom Q3 video camera.

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  1. Hi, I am having difficulties loading your website. as much as 50% on the page seems to load, and the remaining is just blank. I’m not quite sure why…. but you may like to find out about it. I will check back again later on, as it might be on my side.

  2. This is a great app bro I absolutely love it. It has such a great synth sound, also you have made it easy and fun. Much thing though I wish the you could turn the delay on and off that would be cool and not have to have the headphones pluggged in in order to hear it but all in al I think it is bad ass. Hope you create some more bad ass sounds dude.thanx

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