Donny Osmond’s Moog Modular Synth Jam

If this doesn’t make you cringe & smile, nothing will.

Donny Osmond jams on the Moog modular synthesizer on the Donny and Marie Show, with some help from Desi Arnaz Jr., Jay Osmond and Jimmy Osmond on drums.

Is it just me, or is there a bit of Frankenstein influence on the drum solos?

And what about Donny’s synth jam? Is he or is he not a little bit rock and roll?

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4 thoughts on “Donny Osmond’s Moog Modular Synth Jam

  1. i can't believe i watched the whole thing. I don't quite understand why they decided to go with three drummers for that, unless it was one of those "i'm so awesome, i'm basically three bands in one" kind of things. I do miss that era of synth though. I don't miss how much it was all priced out of the hands of someone like me though.

  2. wow…hehe. what can i say. Donny is more talented than i thought. and i much prefer his 'synth face' over mr. rudess.

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