Max Fuel Offers Max For Live Fill-Up

Puremagnetik has released Max Fuel – The First, a bundle of ten devices for Max For Live and Ableton Live 8.

According to the company, with Max Fuel “the deeper potential of Max For Live is being brought to the end-user without the need to learn Max.”

Here’s an overview of  what Max Fuel – The First offers:

Software Instruments

  • Bump – A mono synth with a generous, easily controlled feedback section
  • Stick – A drum instrument based around classic FM synthesis, ready for use in Drum Racks

Audio Effects

  • Drop – A multiband device where each band receives a percentage chance of being heard
  • Jumble – An audio processor with the same delay/feedback portion as Bump
  • Marx – A rebranded Spectral Mixer, setting different volumes and interactions for the signal’s quiet, mid and loud portions
  • Veer – A flexible pitch shifter with a dry/wet control for the output.
  • Yell – A rich multiband distortion

Control Devices

  • el Effo – A versatile low frequency oscillator/step sequencer
  • Multiplexd – A single knob that proportionately controls up to 4 plug-in parameters, simplifying automation or MIDI control of multiple parameters
  • Side Chainer – A robust converter of any audio signal into a modulation signal

Included in the package are presets, devices racks, and clip examples,.

Max Fuel The First requires Live 8.1.4 and Max For Live and retails for US $38.

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