Free SDK Adds Hardware MIDI Support To iPhone, iPod touch & iPad Apps

Line 6 has released a free SDK that lets developers add hardware MIDI support to music apps for Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

“With Apple’s new iOS 4 it is now possible for any developer to create MIDI-enabled applications that work with MIDI Mobilizer,” says Line 6’s Marcus Ryle. “As an open invitation to developers, we are now providing the SDK at no charge, and are not charging any license fee or royalty.”

MIDI Mobilizer is a $99 MIDI adapter that fits into the standard 30-pin connector of an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. It can connect these Apple products to millions of pieces of classic and modern MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) gear.

Recent third-party apps for MIDI Mobilizer include MIDI Live, which provides playback and real-time modification of any Standard MIDI File song, and MIDI Surface, which can turn an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into a general-purpose MIDI controller.

This is good news. I’m looking forward to an app that turns the iPad into a hardware sequencer and apps that add new controls to older hardware synths.

What do you think? Is this going to jump-start MIDI on iOS? And what do you think of the $$99 price for a MIDI adapter?

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15 thoughts on “Free SDK Adds Hardware MIDI Support To iPhone, iPod touch & iPad Apps

  1. Yes! It would be great to sync the Korg iElectribe app with my DAW. I now have a real reason to by an iPad. But we have to wait until the first apps are MIDI Mobilizer compatible.

  2. $99 for a midi interface ARRRGGH

    Midi interfaces have been going up in price and their timing accuracy has been going down since 1994. I got better timing out of a MAC SE and an OPCODE serial interface than i get now with a quad processor and USB

  3. That has nothing to do with the interface… Older computers were more akin to dedicated hardware than the current bloated multitasking versions of windows and osx.

    The background functions and advanced graphics on modern computers have inadvertently slowed down the response time to midi input…that's one of the reasons people still prefer to use hardware… Those mpc guys aren't lying when they tell you their old 2000xl "feels" different.

  4. I know what you mean, I have two MPC's and the timing is good at the cost of being able to edit properly. I am still a little pissed that there isn't a midi editing program out these days that is as good as Opcode Vision was 13 years ago. HELL Ableton doesn't even do SYSEX and a lot of programs can't do NRPN's either.

  5. I am in love with the idea, but I am holding my breath until we see how many developers adopt the SDK. Frankly, I am disappointed that Apple never made an official SDK or API for building a hardware MIDI interface for the iPhone/iPodTouch/IPad, because the musical possibilities were obvious from the start. Especially since Apple has usually been seen as the de facto platform for music production. I would have even been happy with and official OSC linking method because of the 'lack of' hardware barrier, and wireless capabilities.

  6. A bit off topic but, I would love to see ni massive for the iPhone… You could sit in your car with your midi device and create patches on your lunch break.

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