The Mellotron M4000D Digital Mellotron Coming In September

Big City Music says that the $1,995.00 Mellotron M4000D Digital Mellotron is on the way – they expect to have stock in September.

The M-4000 Digital Mellotron is a 24-bit digital, uncompressed audio playback unit with 100 Mellotron and Chamberlin sounds. All 100 sounds are immediately accessible.

According to Big City, “The front panel user interface in the pictures and on the unit presented at NAMM was a prototype version. The production screens are very high quality and are capable of showing pictures of the actual instruments.”


  • 100 instantly accessible authentic Mellotron & Chamberlin sounds
  • Beautiful 24-bit digital, uncompressed audio
  • Custom built wooden keyboard with ebony key tops
  • Dimensions: 34″ width x 19 3/4″ depth x 5 1/4″ height (86cm x 50cm x 13.4cm)
  • Weight: 38 pounds

Extra cartridges of 100 additional sounds are expected to be available later this year.

What do you think of a $2k digital Mellotron? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

    21 thoughts on “The Mellotron M4000D Digital Mellotron Coming In September

    1. Looks like a beautiful instrument with very limited market appeal. Not everyone needs pristine 24 bit samples of a Mellotron on a daily basis. I'd love one, though…

    2. This is either for fanatics or people with waaaayy too much disposable income… Niche isn't even the word for something like this… I would like to see how this stands up to the ik multimedia or new iPad stuff…

    3. Throw junk at me, but it's high time they made an official digital mellotron. I just hope they get it right. Real people not in 'Electro' touring bands (moi) can still live with sample sets.

    4. I'll buy one if the samples ARE as clean as they say..And the samples start at the VERY begining of the note.Thats where a lost of the Sampled trons SUCK…They miss the begining of the sound.

    5. The news is that the M4000D is fantastic, but is woefully behind release schedule and keeps rising in price. A reasonable $1800.00 was followed by a slightly less reasonable $1995.00. It just went up again to a crippling $2495.00 as of January! A small buying public just got even smaller…

    6. Me too. I paid for mine in June of 2010 and this Markus guy keeps e-mailing me with really lame excuses of why he is behind schedule. If I don't get my money or keyboard, he's gonna get his a$$ kicked!!

    7. I’ve got my M4000D last week from the german distributor EMC. It is a wonderful instrument, impressive keyboard feeling, intuitive software and great Midi functionality (works nice with a Moog Minitaur as an expander). Compare to various iPad Mellotron emulators the haptic is just great.

    8. I’m surprised that it took this long for a digital unit to come about. The imperfections in the sound really struck my interest in comparison to my Motif ES which is too perfect for realization, even with my mellotron disk installed. It is 24 bit, so I assume that it is true stereo unlike the old tape units. I was never impressed over the voice track. Maybe the boys choir will be better.

    9. I have the Nord Wave loaded with the Mellotron sample library, the M-Tron Pro kit, Sampletron, Roland M-VS1, and several gigabytes of various sample libraries on my Mac. None of them compare with the sound produced natively from the Mellotron M4000D. When playing each of them side by side with the Mellotron M4000D, the sound produced from this new digital Mellotron is like removing a veil, and suddenly, you hear what you’ve been missing. It’s simply astounding. Even better than the Memotron, in that the samples are a bit cleaner and no load time for the samples. They are instantly available. The keyboards on the M4000D are also a joy to work with. The touch sensitivity is fantastic. When playing it, I often forget that it has no tapes to fiddle with and no extra mechanical noise produced. It’s quite a dream box.

    10. Can someone help me. I just received my M4000d. No documentation, no user guide, nothing. Markus hasn’t responded to my emails, and I’m having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to add sounds to the playlist for live performance, and how to edit the sounds (not that i want to, I would just like to know how to do it). If anyone knows how to do this (particularly the playlist) can you please let me know. Thanks!

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